Monday, January 14, 2013

Pop Consumption Down, Coffee Consumption Up Among College Students

Someone asked me how I ever got ordained as a Lutheran pastor in light of the fact that I don't drink coffee. Coffee-drinking seems endemic to my clergy of my tradition.

And, it's not as though coffee-abstinence is a family thing, either. My Dad is a four-cups-as-soon-as-he-wakes-up guy. He and my mum still enjoy their caffeinated coffee around the clock. All my siblings drink coffee. My wife likes her coffee. And both of our kids are now baristas.

But honestly, the smell of coffee almost makes me sick to my stomach.

Despite all of that, I like coffee shops. I enjoy their atmospheres, the quiet conversation they foster. And I get jazzed, as I sit there drinking an orange juice or a water, that the person at the next table working with such dedication on her keyboard might be writing a best-seller. It almost makes me wish I liked coffee. But my taste buds rebel.

Here's an NPR story on the rising popularity of coffee over against soft drinks among young people, the link to which was sent to me by one of our baristas. Getting rid of carbonation and sugar is no doubt a great thing, but as this report indicates, coffee isn't a harmless addiction either.

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Jesse Harmon said...

Pastor, I haven't had pop since the beginning of the year, so it's been 15 days know.

As you know, I gave up coffee and caffeinated beverages almost 2 years ago in April 2011.