Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Forgiveness Doesn't Mean Trust

I've been reading Steve Sjogren's new book, Heaven's Lessons: The Things I Learned When I Died, and just finished his chapter on the need we all have to forgive others in order to become the loving people God wants us to be. (And that we might want to be.) Here's how Steve ends his helpful thoughts on forgiveness:
One final thought I want to leave with you as we close this chapter: forgiveness doesn't necessarily mean trust.

When we were elementary school kids, at recess some kids just couldn't keep their hands to themselves. News flash: It doesn't get any better when we grow up. You'll find the same kinds of people in your adult life. They may even be bullies who are dangerous to you. Avoid them, at least until they learn to play nice. If you have done all you can to make peace on the playground, there comes a time to get off the teeter-totter. Forgive them, sure. But you don't have to trust them...

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