Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Here's the Deal'

This e-book, Here's the Deal: Taxes, Spending Cuts, Investments, presents an even-handed look at the federal debt crisis and a menu of possible solutions.

Maybe its most provocative assertion is that we Americans aren't being fair when we blame the crisis on spendthrift politicians.

Rather, Leonhardt argues, we're in the fiscal fix we're in because Americans want services from the government without having to pay for them.

Our politicians simply reflect our schizophrenic attitudes.

Americans, Leonhardt asserts, need to decide what government is for, what it should do, and then be willing to accept the cuts or price tags that flow from that basic decision.

The book costs $1.99 and will only take you a few hours to read, more if you're as slow a reader as I am.

Agree with Leonhardt's descriptions and prescriptions or not, this book may add a little meat to the way you look at the federal debt crisis. It's done that for me.

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