Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Baseball's Greatness Captured

Lots of people tell me they don't like baseball because it's "too slow," "not enough action," "boring."

To me, that's all hooey!

I know that it's just a TV commercial, but this new ad from Dick's Sporting Goods, well captures the greatness of baseball. To those who have fallen in love with the game, every single pitch of every game packs all the drama and tension, each pitch calling for the sudden, thunderous action of a basketball overtime or football sudden death.

That's true even when there are no runners on the base paths. It's even true when teams are way behind their opponents in the late innings. You can never tell what might happen in a game in which the defense has possession of the ball!

Baseball is, in my book, the greatest game ever invented. THE. MOST. EXCITING. GAME. And I am so excited that spring training games are already being played!

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