Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stetzer: No Reason for Christians to Be Anti-Muslim

Writes evangelical leader and researcher Ed Stetzer:
I am not naive about the issues involved in Islam and Islamic countries. I have spoken in national publications and before Muslim imams to the fact that there are real issues with how Muslim-dominated countries refuse to allow the right to convert and have not adopted the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. So, as an evangelical leader and researcher, I have no vested interest in -- and receive no personal benefit from -- speaking out for my Muslim neighbors and friends. Yet, while it is irresponsible not to see the link between radical Islam and terrorism, it is the height of ignorance to assume that all (or most, or even many) Muslims are terrorists...
...Don't be so lazy to assume that the worst of a group represents the entire group. They hardly ever do. Perhaps a better idea is to meet them, learn about them, and treat them as your neighbor. You don't like to be stereotyped. Neither do I. So let's not do it to Muslims.
Read the whole thing, please.

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