Monday, April 29, 2013

Who's Entitled?

Leonard Pitts, Jr. talks about the worst question a celebrity can ask.

It reminded me of this story I first heard recounted by John Maxwell, retold here by Paw Prints Anecdotes:
Entering a crowded restaurant with a companion, Gregory Peck found no table available. "Tell them who you are," murmured the friend. "If you have to tell them who you are, you aren't anybody," said Peck.
[From eight years ago: The Effects of Fame on the Famous.]

UPDATE, 5/3/2013: Discussing the incident involving Reese Witherspoon on CNN the other evening, Jeffery Toobin, a legal scholar and journalist, said that while the officer who arrested Witherspoon was within his bounds, in his judgment, he cuffed her too quickly. In looking at the video that went viral yesterday, I understand what he means. But, along with Toobin, I think that Witherspoon's apparent claim of entitlement to special treatment because of her celebrity status was unconscionable. It was also a taunt to the officer.

By the way, was her husband leaving Reese out there twisting slowly, slowly in the wind when he told the officer of her behavior, "I had nothing to do with that"?

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