Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Season of Pentecost Welcome

[With each new season of the Church Year, the bulletins at Living Water Lutheran Church in Springboro, Ohio, include a special word of welcome. This welcome will appear throughout the Season after Pentecost.]

Good morning and welcome to Living Water Lutheran Church!

Along with many other churches around the world, today finds us in the Season after Pentecost, which this year runs from June 15 to November 27.

Pentecost is sort of the “Now What?” season of the Church Year. 

-At Christmas we celebrated God coming into the world in the Person of Jesus. 

-On Good Friday, we remembered that, despite His sinlessness, He died, taking the punishment for sin we deserve. 

-On Easter, we recall with gratitude and celebration that Jesus rose from the dead, claiming new and everlasting life with God for all who turn from sin and trust in Christ. 

-At Pentecost, we remember that after ascending into heaven, Jesus has not left His people alone in this world and so, sent the Holy Spirit to those who trust in Him. 

After all that, we might think, “That’s great! Now what?”

Pentecost is a season in which we consider practical questions like:

    How do we live as Christians in our every day world?

    How do we grow in our faith in Christ?

Questions like these will occupy us all through this season. 

We would love to welcome you as we consider these questions by focusing on God’s Word together on Sunday mornings.

God loves you. The crucified and risen Jesus is the proof of that. May God’s Holy Spirit draw you close to God as we worship Him together this morning. 

If you have questions about following Jesus, feel free to contact the church office and ask for the senior pastor, Mark Daniels, or pastoral assistant and director for youth ministries, Dan Mershon.

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