Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Prayer for September 11

Prepared this for the electronic version of the church newsletter going out today:
Almighty God, on this anniversary of the September 11 attacks, we ask You to help us remember the sense of vulnerability and desperation for You with which many reacted on that day and to live all our days similarly. Teach us what it means to trust in You, knowing that neither perfect safety nor perfect ease are promised to us in this world. But in Christ, You promise to be with all who trust in Him until the close of this age and that, through His resurrection, You have totally and eternally conquered sin, death, and darkness. We pray Your continuing comfort for those who lost loved ones on that grim September morning, as well as for the families whose loved ones have died in battle since. We ask that You would give Your Church--all of us who trust in Jesus Christ as God and Savior--a renewed and constantly renewing passion for sharing the good news of new and everlasting life for all who turn from sin and believe in Christ. Christ and His Gospel are the only antidote to human sin, including our own sin; by Your Holy Spirit, empower us to humbly and boldly share Christ in our words and through our lives. In the Name of Christ we pray. Amen

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