Saturday, September 06, 2014

Friday Was Bill Mazeroski's Birthday

Who is Bill Mazeroski?

He was the unlikely hero of the 1960 World Series. In the bottom of the ninth inning of the seventh and deciding game of the series, Maz, the Pittsburgh Pirates' capable second baseman, never known for his home run acumen, jacked one out over the left field fence to beat the New York Yankees.

It's the only time in baseball history that feat has been accomplished.

On Friday, Mazeroski turned 78. I'm sure that the man has led a rich and interesting life. But for many people, he will always be remembered for that one amazing moment at Forbes Field in 1960.

By the way, as I understand it, the only recording made of the entire game appeared on the MLB Network a few years ago. The recording had been made for singer/actor Bing Crosby, then a part-owner of the Pirates. Crosby, I've been told, was so nervous about the Series that he escaped to Europe to await news of the outcome. But he had someone record the Series. It was only years later that the recording was discovered somewhere in the late Crosby's archives.

If Bill Mazeroski happens to read this: Happy belated birthday, sir.

[Thanks to Howard Wilkinson for linking to this video over on Facebook.]

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