Saturday, November 01, 2014

All Saints Sunday Welcome

This the welcome worshipers at tomorrow's services at Living Water Lutheran in Springboro, Ohio will read in their bulletins.
We’re glad that you’re worshiping with us today at Living Water Lutheran Church. We welcome you in the Name of the God we know in Jesus Christ!

Today is All Saints’ Sunday, a “lesser festival” of the Church Year. Originally, All Saints’ Day, November 1, was a time to remember the witness of Christians who were killed for their faith in Jesus. Now, we use All Saints’ Sunday to remember with thankfulness the witness of all Christians who have passed from this life to eternity with God.

From the standpoint of the Bible, a “saint” is a forgiven sinner. Forgiveness comes to all who dare to “repent” (turn from sin, turn to God) and trust Christ to be the only means through Whom God is known and brings forgiveness and eternal life to us (John 14:6).

Through Christ, God confers what the Bible calls “righteousness,” or rightness with God, on believers in Christ. Christians confess that we are saints not by what we do, but by God’s grace (His charity) given to us in Christ, while, remaining, in this world, sinners by birth and impulse.

We rejoice in knowing that freedom from sin and death come from Jesus Christ. That’s why Lutheran Christians believe in daily repentance and renewal, daily submitting ourselves for examination, correction, and forgiveness from God.

The saints we remember on today were not perfect. No saint is. But they turned to Christ for life. We thank God that they pointed us to Christ.

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