Monday, November 17, 2014

Christ the King Sunday Welcome

With every season or special day of the Church Year, there is a special welcome for worshipers in the bulletin of Living Water Lutheran Church. This is the welcome that will appear in the bulletin for this coming Sunday, November 23, Christ the King Sunday.
Welcome to Living Water Lutheran Church. We’re happy that you’re worshiping with us today.

This morning, we celebrate Christ the King Sunday. On this Sunday, we take time to celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ is the King of the universe. It’s a kingship that was expressed in His humble submission to death on a cross, accepting the punishment for sin we deserve, and His resurrection from the dead, by which He opens eternity and new life to all who turn from sin (repent) and believe in Him. Jesus will finally and fully assert His kingship over all that God has created when He returns to this world and establishes a new heaven and a new earth.

In the meantime, all who trust in Christ as their God and King, trust in Him to be with them always, to bring their prayers to God the Father, and to assure them of their place in His kingdom.

Unlike Christmas or Easter, holy days that can be traced to early Christianity, Christ the King Sunday is a new day on the Christian calendar. It began in the Roman Catholic Church in 1925. In 1970, Lutherans, Anglicans, and other Christians adopted the day for their calendars. It happens annually on the last Sunday of the Church Year.

Thank you for being with us. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will use our worship and fellowship to draw You close to the God we know in Jesus Christ. We pray too, that you will feel welcomed and worship with us again soon!
For more about the Church Year, see here.

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