Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Cheer Report: Christmas Eve Eve Edition

Everywhere I've gone today--restaurants, stores, filling stations, the church, people have been so cheerful, so full of the Christmas spirit. 
At one point today, ate at a local restaurant and the owner sported a Santa hat. She was effusive and welcoming.
The clerk at the Staples store who helped me with a scanning job took time to look at the children's book I was scanning--to be projected while I read it to the children at tomorrow's family Christmas Eve service--and remarked on the beauty of the pictures and the story. When I came back to pick up the flash drive he created for me, he even turned to a page to talk about one illustration he particularly loved. 
A woman standing in line behind me looked through it and gushed.
At Aldi's, everyone said, "Merry Christmas!" and deferred to those with heavier loads at the checkout.
Folks at the filling station, no doubt cheered in part by paying just a $1.92 a gallon, were smiling and chatty with each other.
Repeatedly, around shopping malls, drivers have been quick to make way for people trying to get into the lanes they need to enter to make turns or just to pull into the traffic.
It's been fun to see and experience.

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