Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Keep praying...

...and let God decide how to answer. Don't edit your communications with God. He sees what you're feeling and thinking anyway. Lift your concerns to him with abandon, honesty, and submissiveness.

Don't worry whether what you pray for is "important enough" for God's attention. If they're important to us, God simply wants us to invite Him into those situations that concern us.

Don't worry whether the request is "appropriate" or not. God will sort that out for us. In time, on His schedule, God will, as needed, correct and respond to the requests of those who seek Him.

In his classic on Prayer, Ole Hallesby writes:
...prayer is ordained for the purpose of glorifying the name of God. Therefore, whether you pray for big things or for little things, say to God, "If it will glorify Thy name, then grant my prayer and help me. But it it will not glorify Thy name, then let me remain in my predicament. And give me power to glorify Thy name in the situation in which I find myself."

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