Saturday, May 02, 2015

Saturday This and That

Things that caught my eye this past week...

Typography geeks say that résumés should never use Times New Roman...
...typeface and that Helvetica is the way to go.
Helvetica is safe, and it "feels professional, lighthearted, honest," designer Brian Hoff tells Bloomberg.
The article from The Week points out that Helvetica has a whole movie about it. Nerd that I am, I have seen it. I like to use Arial.

Have you heard about Plenti?
Received a mailing this past week, inviting us to join Plenti, a cross-brand customer loyalty program presently involving lots of retailers, including Macy's, Rite Aide, AT & T, Hulu, Nationwide, and others. People who use their Plenti cards or numbers, earn and redeem points for purchases from the participating companies. I hadn't heard of this program until we got the mailer. According to this article from the March 18 edition of USA Today:
...70% of the U.S. population lives within 5 miles of at least two participating locations. And brands without physical locations, such as Hulu, still have broad national reach online.
The article also says that a similar program has existed in Germany for about fifteen years in which almost half of all German households participate. What's the catch? Can't see an egregious one. American Express, the catalyst behind Plenti, seems simply to want to spread more plastic--nothing new there--and the retailers think that by joining an all-for-one, one-for-all loyalty card, they'll increase sales. Haven't signed up myself. But I could see it as a win, at least in the short run, for consumers.

For Christians, there's a difference between freedom...
...and license.

As of Tuesday, according to Chris Cilizza, Hillary Clinton has answered... questions. The Washington Post's Cilizza then enumerates them. My reaction: While it may be in a candidate's interest to speak to the press, Clinton isn't legally bound to do so. If she wants to reach the public with town hall meetings, advertising, conventional campaigning, and social media releases, that's her choice. But it's likely to backfire on her...even if this is the opening "listening" phase of her campaign. In the linked piece, Cilizza also lists seven questions he would like to ask the former Secretary of State.

God bless Ashlea's family as they grieve her passing...
...and kudos to the Reds' Skip Schumaker for being the only player in Saint Louis that day to take the time to meet and visit with Ashlea before the Reds-Cardinals matchup. Heard Reds color commentator Chris Welsh say, in discussing this visit and Ashlea's passing, that Schumaker may not be a starter, but he is a leader in the club house, precisely for gestures like this.

I need everyone to do me a favor..SHARE this photo until it goes viral! My sister (in law) Ashlea has battled cancer...
Posted by Updates on Baby Bennett on Thursday, April 23, 2015
The 'Louie Louie' singer nobody could understand...
...has died. Like Lenny and T.B. in That Thing You Do, singer Jack Ely left the Kingsmen just after he recorded the lead vocal on the best-selling cover of the song.

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