Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Blessings of Surrender

This image for The Problem of Pain appeared on the C.S. Lewis page on Facebook yesterday. It's an incredible book, by the way.

That got me to thinking...
Surrender to Christ is the hardest thing imaginable. And the sin in me being so pervasive--born in sin, the truth is, the sin is me, sin is my default mode, this hard thing must happen new each day. Without daily repentance, renewal in Christ cannot happen. It's too easy to follow the rut of my self-centered and seemingly harmless living, wandering from the One Who made us and loves us with infinite passion...wandering from the life only Christ gives. 
Without surrender to Christ, I die, separated from God. 
With surrender to Christ, I live again, in God's company and in fellowship with the saved.

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