Sunday, December 20, 2015

A random this and that

For a time, I presented Saturday This and That, links to and thoughts spun from articles that had caught my attention the week before. I haven't done one for awhile. So, here's a This and That composed of articles from the past few weeks.


Has science really found a way for people to keep from looking stupid? A Hungarian research project mentioned at The Huffington Post, claims that three things can make people look stupid: overconfidence, a lack of control, and absent-mindedness. Come to think of it, a good chunk of comedy is comprised of one, two, or all three of these traits. 


If you have a bad attitude about aging, it may impact how you age
People who held more negative thoughts about aging earlier in life had greater loss of hippocampus volume when they aged. In other words, the researchers say, people who held negative age stereotypes had the same amount of decline in three years as the more positive group had nine in nine years.

...People who had more negative age stereotypes had significantly higher scores of plaques and tangles than people with more positive feelings about growing old.

10 Historical Myths About World Christianity
purports to set the record straight on a lot of common negative stereotypes of world Christianity.


Why Lutherans and others use liturgy in worship. A current trend among millennials is an attraction to what's come to be called "traditional" worship, using liturgy.

Liturgy means work of the people and in the Christian tradition, it's a structure by which people collectively come together in the presence of God to worship, praise, hear God's Word, offer ourselves to God, and receive the sacraments.

I didn't grow up in the liturgical tradition, but as the years go by, it means more and more to me, for many of the reasons cited in this article. We even use liturgical structure in our "contemporary" worship at Living Water. 

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