Thursday, January 28, 2016

Canada, South Korea, Spam

My son put me onto an article titled 28 Things You Never Knew About Canada That May Surprise You. Being a nerd, I took the implicit challenge, thinking that I knew most of them. Wrong. I only knew three of them.

A sampling:
1. Canada consumes more macaroni and cheese than any other nation in the world. 
3. Police departments in Canada give out "positive tickets" when they see people doing something positive. 
6. Residents of Churchill, Manitoba leave their cars unlocked to offer escape for pedestrians who might encounter polar bears. 
20. Large parts of Canada have less gravity than the rest of Earth. The phenomenon was discovered in the 1960s.
After I reposted the article link on Facebook, a junior high classmate wrote:
But South Korea eats the most Spam.
He's right.

Which, of course, reminds me of another Monty Python bit.

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