Wednesday, June 01, 2016

My Love by Paul McCartney and Wings

What an amazing voice he had. It got better with age, I think, peaking in about 1989, when he turned 47. This performance occurred in 1973.

The James Paul McCartney TV special from which this comes, was aired in support not only of Macca's James Bond theme song, Live and Let Die, but also of his LP, Red Rose Speedway.

The LP, which included My Love, was sort of meh, although McCartney's capacity for conjuring up infectious melodies was apparent. The album sold well, but was panned by critics.

The next year, 1974, he would release an album for the ages, Band on the Run.

My Love is a stunningly beautiful ballad, one of the first to feature a slow power rock guitar solo, one that is less inhibited on the LP than the one here.

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