Thursday, August 10, 2017

"I like presidents who had campaign managers that didn't have their homes raided."

As pointed out by blogger Ann Althouse, the phrase in the headline above is the most recomended reaction in the comments section to the New York Times account of the FBI's pre-dawn raid of ex-Trump presidential campaign manager Paul Manafort's home in the pre-dawn errors of July 26.

The comment alludes to Trump's dismissive remark, made during the Trump campaign for president, about Senator John McCain's status as war hero. Said Trump of McCain:
“He’s not a war hero...He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured."
McCain was a hero, of course, incurring many beatings and tortures, the scars from which he still wears.

Those beatings and tortures came because he refused to be used for North Vietnamese propaganda or to accept early release POW camp by appearing in such films.

He knew that the North wanted to use him as a propaganda bludgeon on his father, Admiral John S. McCain, Jr.  And to weaken the morale of POWs he would have left behind had he taken the offered ticket home once the propaganda film was in the can.

For the sake of his country and his refusal to accept the preferential treatment he might receive as an Admiral's son, McCain is a hero!

The reader comment on the Manafort story gives Trump a tweak for the disdainful comments made about McCain.

In the meantime, McCain continues to be afforded insulting behavior by his fellow Republicans. Senator Ron Johnson seemed to suggest the other day McCain voted against the Senator Mitch McConnell-engineered health care reform bill because of McCain's recent brain diagnosis and the Arizona Republican was tired. I hope that Johnson apologizes to McCain.

[Blogger Mark Daniels is pastor of Living Water Lutheran Church in Centerville, Ohio.]

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