Monday, October 22, 2018


Our absentee ballots went in today. Being informed and voting are basic acts of citizenship, I think. And voting is a privilege.
As a Christian, I ask God to always help me to not vote for my perceived self-interest, but for the good of all, and to think not of immediate gratification but for the good of future generations.
No political ideology or political candidate is perfect. No party is more “Christian” than another. So, as a Christian, I simply ask God to give me wisdom, good sense, and other-mindedness when I vote.
My agenda in voting isn’t to bring the kingdom of God to my community through the coercive instruments of laws. The kingdom of God only comes to people through the proclamation of God’s saving good news about Jesus. But, as a Christian, I am directed by God to be a good citizen and a caring neighbor. Voting is one basic way to do that.
It also seems to me to be a fundamental act of patriotism, like paying our taxes or getting vaccines, basic acts by which we fulfill our parts in the social compact that is America.

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