Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Just for the Fun of It: Favorite Singer-Songwriters

It wasn't until the Beatles came along that singer-songwriters became a well-established element of the music scene. (They were inspired by Buddy Holly to follow this path.) Below are my top favorite singer-songwriters. (At least they are for tonight.) Tell me yours by using the Comment button below:

1. Paul McCartney

2. Bob Dylan

3. Bruce Cockburn

4. James Taylor

5. Bruce Springsteen

[Honorable mention: John Lennon]


Chip said...

Pretty good list. I'd sub Willy Nelson for Bruce Cockburn. Honorable mention to Jimmy Buffet; the man can really tell a story.

Mark Sides said...

Rich Mullins and Sara Groves have written powerful lyrics for a number of songs, and are (and, sadly,were) excellent singers. Many of Sara's songs are almost the song equivalent of expository preaching.

Mark S.

Daddypundit said...

I'd have to agree with Mark about Sara Groves. She is one of my personal favorites. Her songs have a way of speaking directly to the heart. I'd also put Chris Rice in that category of great singer/songwriters.

Mark Daniels said...

Like Mark and Tom, I love Sara Groves. My family had the opportunity to see and hear her in concert a few years back. She was as personable as she is talented.

I also love Rich Mullins! It was a loss for the world that his life came to an end at such a young age. His 'A Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band' collection is one of the best LPs ever, from my perspective. Had he been able to complete his 'Jesus Project,' it too, would have been a classic!

By the way, another female singer-songwriter (and someone who toured with Rich Mullins shortly before his untimely death), is Carolyn Arends. What a talent! In addition to her musical abilities, she's also a terrific prose writer.

Thanks for the comments and thanks for stopping by the blog!