Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another Look at SOTU

My friend, Deborah White, a liberal Democrat and a committed Christian, live-blogged the President's State of the Union message. Whether you agree with Deborah or not, she always has interesting things to say...and she is a wonderful person! Click here for her take on the President's SOTU message.


Deborah White said...

Thanks, Mark, but it focuses more on the humorous side, rather than tackling the issues in seriousness.

Rather than feel anger over some of the sillier stuff, laughing it off seems healthier. The whole Cindy Sheehan incident, for instance....pure silliness and overreaction all around, from Cindy's dumb t-shirt to the Capitol Police and their ridiculous handcuffs.

I'm proud to say that featured this in their overall site newsletter today. :)

MarkC said...

Hmmm... I wouldn't even call it the "humorous side", but rather the "snide sarcastic partisan side".

In unison now, let's point at President Bush and sneer, because of course we all know he's a doofus... ready, set, go!

[Personally, I'll pass...]