Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kid Brother Makes Debut in Film

A few months ago, my brother, comedian and speaker Marty Daniels, filmed his part in a movie, a mockumentary about stand-up comics. A veteran actor asked him, "How many films have you been in?" "Including this one?" Marty asked. "Yes." "This would be the first one."

I've just received a press release about the premier of the film, Open Mic'rs. Here's the release:

Press Release
Columbus’ very own MARTY DANIELS has landed a small speaking role in the upcoming film OPEN MIC'rs. MARTY DANIELS will be making his silver screen debut in this film already receiving great reviews on Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at Drexel Gateway Theater in Columbus OH. (1550 North High Street, Columbus OH 43201 614.545.2255) Comedian and Public Speaker MARTY DANIELS is available for interviews via phone, internet or in person in the Columbus OH area. Marty is excited about this opportunity and hopes to work with director GARY WOOD on future endeavors. Marty enjoyed having a part in this film as he loves satires such as “Spinal Tap” and “A Mighty Wind”.

“OPEN MIC’rs” is a “mockumentary” which features “Caddyshack’s” star Cindy Morgan portraying a jaded celebrity judge who helps the owner of a local comedy club select a new emcee from an eyebrow raising group of would be yucksters. Cindy will play a fictionalized version of herself. “It’s going to be a riot” she says, “It cracks me up when I hear what people think I’m all about, so playing a version of the stereotype should be very…uh, liberating.” CINDY is available for interviews via phone!

The husband and wife team – Mia Lee Bauman and Chris Bauman (of ComedySportz) take the stage. They couldn’t turn down the opportunity to make fun of his early career as an open mic comedian. Open Micr’s plays to their strengths as improv comedians as director Gary Wood gives them free reign to embellish the script.

MTV’s Landon Lueck is also in this film in the tradition of “Best in Show” and will be making a special appearance on Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at Drexel Gateway Theater. LANDON is available for interviews via phone!

The list of stars goes on and on…..Dave Dugan, John Joseph, Artie Widgery, Gavin Goode, Apollo Bacala, Joe Urban, Jim Peterson, George Starkey, “Tonight Show” veteran Hank McGill and many more take the stage in the competition. HANK MCGILL is available for interviews via phone!

The accomplished writer and director, GARY WOOD is available for interviews via phone or email. Mr. Wood’s first production SAVING STAR WARS has won several awards and we expect OPEN MIC’rs to be even more successful.

We look forward to your support with the independent film OPEN MIC’rs and with our local professional comedian MARTY DANIELS.

Visit: www.OpenMicrs.com to learn more about the film.

Visit: www.gatewaytheater.com to purchase tickets.

Visit: www.MartyDaniels.com to reserve laughs for your next event.

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