Friday, July 21, 2006

Ballew Reviews Criteria for Just War...

...and asks, "Is the Iraq war just, or Israel in Lebanon? Does our definition of a just war need to be re-defined in light of jihad and radical Islam?" Read the whole post, which also appears here.

By the way, a military chaplain I knew twenty-five years ago, who formerly worked at the Pentagon, and has an advanced degree on military strategy, wrote a provocative inquiry into whether the preemptive war in Iraq conformed to just war theory. It appeared in a military journal here. Agree with him or not, it's good for Christians to wrestle with such questions.

[Mark Congdon links to this post, quotes extensively from Franklin Wester's paper, and adds some interesting thoughts here. His particular focus is the relevance of the just war theory's principle of imminence as a reason for preemptive attack. It's interesting stuff.]

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Ron Ballew said...

Thanks for the link Mark, this is something I am still thinking about.

BTW added you to my blogroll on my site :)