Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Night Posting Will Have to Wait

I leave for a few moments to lead a study of the New Testament book of Acts at our church's building. Until now, you might want to check out some of my 2006 election-related posts linked here.

One for two: Earlier this year, I said that I thought that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland would defeat Republican Ken Blackwell here in Ohio. That looks to happen. But I also expected Senator Mike DeWine, the Republican incumbent, to defeat Representative Sherrod Brown, the Democrat. It appears that Brown will win.

Once upon a time, some twenty seven years ago, I knew Brown. He was already a state representative and I supervised the House's pages. At one point, I also arranged for him to speak to an ethics class at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, which I attended after my stint at the State House. He's a personable guy. By all accounts, so is DeWine. That sort of stuff gets lost in campaigns, especially in a year that has seen the lowest gutterball electioneering I've ever seen.


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