Thursday, August 09, 2007

From the Mike Huckabee Campaign

As you know, I don't do endorsements around here. I don't think that God favors one party over another and as a Pastor, I don't want to contribute to notions that He does.

But I note with interest that as the 2008 presidential race unfolds, Governor Mike Huckabee is making extensive use of the Internet. Frequent, personable emails arrive in my email inbox regularly.

I just received one such email from the Huckabee campaign, linking to a number of recent Huckabee appearances on the web:
1. Newt Gingrich thinks that Governor Huckabee will catch on.

2. Don McDowell from the popular Iowa blog Cyclone Conservatives had this to say about Governor Huckabee.

3. Governor Huckabee was interviewed by MSNBC yesterday. You can find the video here.

4. The Weekly Standard has a great article this week titled "The Other Man from Hope."

5. Ed Morrissey from the popular conservative blog Captains Quarters has great post about Governor Huckabee and a recent interview he conducted with the Governor.

6. Mike Allen from the Politico has great coverage of the Sunday debate in an article titled "They Like Mike."

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