Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Just downloaded...

Classic sounds and wise, often fun, lyrics from two of the pioneers of Christian contemporary music, fifty-somethings Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill. They've both got it.

Here is a review. These guys are really playing with their musical influences--Beatles, Who, Everly Brothers, Elvis, Carl Perkins, Steve Miller, Johnny Rivers--and it's fun.

A special treat is the pair's remake of a song they performed as the title track of a Keaggy project two decades ago, then along with Russ Taff, Sunday's Child. Now, as then, the song has them in full-Beatles mode.

I'll add this: If Keaggy isn't, as many claim, the greatest rock guitarist in the world, he's certainly one of them.

You can buy it at Amazon or iTunes. The latter is substantially less expensive.


Unknown said...

Wow. Thanks for the recommendation Mark!

I'll be honest - been years - decades? - since I really listened much to these two.

Great music!


Jeff Branch said...

Mark - not to be critical, but you may like to know about this...

Mark Daniels said...

I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks so much. This wasn't a problem until recently. Being a total incompetent when it comes to the web, I appreciate the link, which I have bookmarked.


Jeff Branch said...

Mark - again, not being critical, more as a hope it was helpful. That guy has answered a lot of my questions with his posts.

From him, I have learned to do a little HTML/CSS stuff, not because I understand it, but because he shows how.

Mark Daniels said...

I didn't take it as criticism at all. I thank you for the help!