Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thank You...You Know Who You Are!

I heard the scraping of snow shovels, but had no idea. I simply assumed neighbors were being more ambitous than I was being, clearing off their walks as the snow kept falling.

Meanwhile, I kept reading about the amazing first one-hundred days of Franklin Roosevelt's administration. It was a period, you know, when a special session of Congress, on behalf of a country desperately mired in a depression which, by that time, had gone on for four years, waited for the Great Improviser to send the next piece of legislation. (At least one of the bills from this period wasn't even printed, but simply rolled-up newsprint representing what the Administration and the Congress had agreed to do.)

The whole thing was so absorbing, I guess, that I didn't really think about the scraping of shovels I heard.

Then my wife came upstairs and said, "Mark, there are people out shoveling our walk and I think they're from the church!"

I ran downstairs and sure enough, that was exactly the case. I felt like a slug...and very thankful.

What an incredibly wonderful thing to do...and so typical of this family!

Their kindness is an example of the common graces God's people share with others. I surely didn't deserve the kindness. But I just as surely appreciated it!

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