Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Christian's Ministry is in the World

Just this past Monday night, a group of us at Saint Matthew were talking about how the Church is too institutionalized and how Christians, especially pastors, believe that church members are "in ministry" only when they're engaged with some church activity.

But being a Christian doesn't mean being a "prop" (whether by that you mean an instrument that holds an object up or an object on a stage) of the institutional Church. The Church exists, in part, to empower and encourage believers in Jesus to go into the world to do their ministries at their jobs, their homes, and the places where they encounter people socially.

John Schroeder talks about this topic convincingly here.

Look here.


Kay said...

Mark, I agree 100%. We live out our ministry every day, everywhere we are. At work, in the grocery store, in the car. How we live our lives and respond to ever-changing situations speaks volumes about who we are (and who's we are). This is one thing that I admire about the way the NALC is being designed. We will all be expected to live lives of discipleship. And ministry won't be merely the job of ordained pastors, but of every one of us who believe in the Risen Christ.

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