Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just This One Time in My Life

I'll say something I never thought I would say: Go, Blue! A great story from the school up north and the courageous journey of a young man from Wauseon, Ohio, just a few miles from where my family and I lived for six years. You will not regret watching this feature from the Big Ten Network.

You may also want to read this. (Go, Buckeyes, too!)

By the way, did you notice the passage of Scripture on the back of one of Brock's t-shirts?


Ron M. said...

Brock's Dad, Dave, was two years behind me in school at Tinora. We played sports together and in later years shared McCartney stories as he was also a fan. Rich Rod surely showed he has a heart with his support and encouragement for Brock, an OSU student. ESPN had also done a special about the accident about a year ago. I think the show was E:15 or E:30?

Mark Daniels said...

I didn't know that his dad was a Tinora grad.

Yes, RichRod's stock definitely went up with me when I saw this story.