Sunday, January 30, 2011

Now We'll Have to See 'The Illusionist'

It had been something like three years since my last trip to a movie theater when, about a month ago, my wife and I took in The King's Speech at the Drexel Theater in Columbus. Go see that film, which exults in the gifts of marital and family love and in the healing power of friendship given and received, however unlikely our friendships may seem at their beginning.

Before the showing of The King's Speech, a trailer for The Impressionist was shown. My wife and I were intrigued by its use of conventional, rather than computer-generated, animation and the beauty and realism of its characters' movements, not to mention that the film appeared to present a story that young and old can latch onto.

This review, from Roger Ebert's new online program featuring various film reviewers, makes me want to go back to the theater soon to see The Illusionist.

Here's a link to the trailer.

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