Wednesday, February 02, 2011

We Don't Drive to Our Accidents

Here in Logan and Hocking County, Ohio, we avoided the major "shellacking" of the big winter storm that hit this state and the whole Midwest yesterday. We had icy rain and we experienced high winds, but roads were passable and we got no snow.

But at the Daniels household, we did wake up this morning to a surprise left by the extreme weather. We discovered that a branch broke off from a tree in front of the parsonage in which we live. It crashed into the windshield of our 1997 Ford Escort station wagon, a vehicle affectionately known as the Nanny Mobile.

Fortunately, a new windshield can be installed tomorrow.

But our vehicles haven't fared well when parked curbside since we moved here three-plus years ago.

Shortly after our arrival, a mirror was clipped from our van.

About a year later, our two vehicles were hit by a car that careened into them, totaling all three of them.

After that, we parked one of the replacement cars we purchased in our garage. But there's really only room for one vehicle there.

The local police department, because of what happened to out two totals (on Halloween night, I might add), has allowed us to pull our car over the curb, leaving it to straddle sidewalk and street. But no amount of straddling could have avoided that branch, weighed down by ice, last night.

It could have been worse. That it wasn't is reason for us to be thankful.

What's interesting, of course, is that all of this has happened to our cars when they were stationery and there were no drivers or passengers inside.

We don't drive to our accidents. They come to us.

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