Saturday, June 18, 2011

More on This Year's Mission Week

As mentioned here on Wednesday, Monday through Friday was the 2011 Mission Week for the youth of Saint Matthew Lutheran Church and the adults who assisted and supervised them throughout. It's another way the people of our congregation try to share the love of Jesus Christ in practically.

On Thursday, the group did a lot of yard work for a couple who, because of illness, weren't able to keep up. Both Thursday and Friday, the group got some painting done at another local residence. Most of Friday was taken up with cleaning, sprucing up, and mulching at the church building.

Last night, we had a lock-in at the church building.

Thanks to Glenn and Sue for a great lunch on Thursday.

Below are pictures and videos from the week.

Dick and Stephen look over what needs to be done next.

Lori and Kirsten do some trimming. Laikyn takes the brush to a burn pile.

Mike and Kayla clear a path, while Jim, Critter, Jacob, and Stephen do some heavy-duty pruning.

The group works while the preacher takes pictures.

Jim scrapes.

Stephen puts down mulch at Worthington Park. The group did this work for Logan in Bloom in order to help prepare for this weekend's Washboard Festival in Logan.

Critter did the hard work of loading the mulch brought to Worthington Park in the back of a pick-up truck into buckets, then taking them to the other Saint Matthew folks spreading the mulch.

Had to include this one! Jacob and Critter continuing to transport mulch from the pick-up to other Saint Matthew folks at Worthington Park. When I said that we'd have to be our own media, it refers to the fact that I had just returned from the offices of the local newspaper to see if they'd be interested in covering our mission week. They were, but with it being such a busy week in Logan, they didn't have a reporter to spare. They asked if I'd submit a story. I will.

The group pictured at Glenn's and Sue's, where they worked hard and then enjoyed a fantastic lunch provided by our hosts!

Stephen and Jacob tell me about the work the entire group had done that morning. We ponder the mystery of what we later learned is a defunct man-cave. But where's Critter?

In this picture, some of our group can be seen putting down mulch. From left to right: Jacob, Dick, Kirsten, Lori, Stephen, Mike, Kayla, (Jim's hat visible above her), and Critter.

Mike works hard.

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