Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In this era when there are few moral standards, a new scandal seems to hit every week. As a society, we feign being scandalized, but we don't seem to really know right from wrong.

It isn't that the so-called "puritanical" crowd goes after folks like Representative Andrew Weiner; it's, by and large, those who claim that truth is relative who get all hot and bothered about these "scandals," many of them pols who fearfully anticipate how their constituents might react if they don't respond the scandal du jour with moral rectitude.

The people least scandalized by "scandal" are, it seems to me, those seeking to authentically follow Jesus Christ. People like this recognize that the whole human race, including themselves, are faulty and sinful. They recognize sin and the need for the forgiving grace that comes from God through Christ.

If crimes or violations of ethical standards are violated, there must be consequences, of course. But Christians are "shockproof" when it comes to human frailty; we recognize the disease from the inside out and that prayer for all sinners is our weapon of choice, not the nastiness of the mob.

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