Monday, November 19, 2012

A Prayer for Our Leaders

For Christians, praying for our leaders, no matter what their party, is our duty and joy, in addition to be an expression of patriotism. If you choose, join me in the following prayer at this time. Thanks!
Gracious God, Your Word teaches that You create earthly governments so that Christians who live voluntarily under Your Lordship will be protected from those who have no regard for You and Your will AND to give Your Church an atmosphere of peace within which the Good News of Jesus may be proclaimed by those of us who bear Christ’s Name to those who don’t yet believe in Him.
God, to these ends, bless our President, our Vice President, and the members of Congress of both parties with Your protection and Your wisdom.
Grant similar blessings to those who serve in state and local governments.
And help us to heed Your Word, including the directives of Jesus Himself, by praying for and honoring our leaders, being obedient to our laws, and rendering to You what belongs to You, while rendering to government what belongs to government. In Jesus' Name we pray these things. Amen

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