Friday, November 23, 2012

When People Worship "Stuff"

When "stuff" is our god, the video above, shot at a Walmart where people were trying to take advantage of a cell phone sale, this is what "worship" looks like.

Worshiping false gods is inherently destructive of relationship. When we worship false gods--money, status, ourselves, dope, booze, or whatever, we destroy our relationships with God, others, and the people we were meant to be.

When the one true God of creation calls us, through Jesus Christ, to follow Him, it's a call to love the God we worship AND the neighbor God created. Move closer to Christ and you're less likely to dehumanize, take for granted, hurt, or gossip about the people you encounter.

But there's something more to getting straight about what or who will be the object of our worship.

You see, cell phones and other stuff eventually die.

God is immortal and in Christ, He has conquered sin and death for us in order to give us a life that is the opposite of the frenzy you see here.

Let Christ be your God!

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Ken Yamamoto said...

This is very similar to what I have witnessed. Every time I text my friends inviting them on my church, they wouldn't reply. But there was once that I sold an iPhone, I didn't have to text them twice to visit me and have a look on my iPhone. I was really surprised how fast they responded on the iPhone for sale than the invitation to hear God's words.