Friday, December 07, 2012

This Morning's Wake-Up Song...

...was Chris Tomlin's Born That We May Have Life, an almost immediately singable Christmas song that doesn't compromise substance for accessibility. It's from his 2009 release, Glory in the Highest. Written by Tomlin, Ed Cash, and Matt Maher, Born That We May Have Life a stirring yet simple statement of faith and awe. It's gotten my day off to a great start!

I've mentioned it before, but I'll do it again: If you want to enrich your celebration of Christmas this year, get a copy of Glory in the Highest today. I have no affiliation with LifeWay, the book and music retailer, other than being a customer. But you can find Tomlin's gem, the best Christmas LP that I've heard in years, at LifeWay, either at one of their brick and mortar outlets or online for only five bucks. You blow five bucks all the time, it's likely. But this will be a well-spent Lincoln!

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