Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Article Shreds "Christian" Arguments for Same Sex Marriage

I'm not a Pentecostal Christian, which the editors and authors of Charisma magazine obviously are.

I also have zero objection to some legal means by which same sex partners can covenant contractually. After all, the state's interests in domestic partnership arrangements have nothing to do with God and are therefore different from the interests of God and Church. The state dispenses licenses for marriage for the purposes of stemming the spread of disease, providing for the custodianship of children in case of relational breakup, and providing for the common acquisition and disbursement of property between consenting adults.

But, from a Biblical standpoint, anything other than a covenant involving God, a man, and a woman is not marriage. Only resorting to legalistic proof texting or total dismissal of the witness of Scripture (including that of Jesus, Moses, and Paul) will yield a different conclusion. This article from Charisma magazine, triggered by the kerfluffle caused by the incoherent and shallow Twitter ruminations of the lead singer of the Christian band Jars of Clay demonstrate this very well. I don't agree with every particular in the piece, but it's good. Following the footnotes is also a good idea.

God loves all people, no matter what their "orientation." God calls all people to repentance and new life through Christ.

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