Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Anniversary of Babe's First Home Run

Today, May 6, marks the one-hundredth anniversary of Babe Ruth's first home run. He would go on to hit more than 700 in his career, a mark that was later supplanted by the great Hank Aaron.

When Ruth socked his first homer, he was a tremendous pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. He hit the home run against the team for which he would play, mostly in the outfield, for fifteen years, the New York Yankees.

If Ruth were alive and in playing form today, he would undoubtedly be the game's best. He hit for power and for average and was, according to many, a sleek cat in his early years. And the only PEDs the Babe ever used were hot dogs.

Many feel, and I agree, that Ruth was the greatest player ever. Following him in second, I think, is Willy Mays, whose 84th. birthday happens to fall on May 6.

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