Tuesday, November 10, 2015

First verse of a new song

As I've mentioned here before, I write songs and have done so since I was about eight. Not all my songs are rooted in personal experience or, if they are, in deflected ways. (I'm protecting the innocent and the guilty, including myself.)

Here's the first verse of a little bluesy thing I'm working on. It affirms that Jesus, as C.S. Lewis writes of the Christ-figure in his Narnia novels, isn't a tame lion...though He is good.

Jesus saves those who follow Him from sin and death. But when you surrender to Him, you never know what He may call on you to do.
Feeling fine
Drinking wine
Talking with my friends
Dreaming dreams
Seeing scenes
I thought it would never end
But when you're talking with the Holy Spirit
He may give you a call and you'd better fear it
Following Jesus is a Jenga game
He's gonna tear down your bricks
He cannot be tamed
(c) Copyright, Mark Daniels 2015

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