Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Morality v. Christian Faith

This Spurgeon quote, shared today by Depraved Wretch on Facebook, surfaces the difference between civil righteousness and true righteousness.

Civil righteousness categorizes the behaviors in which we engage to stay on the right side of earthly authority.

True righteousness is that perfect shalom righteousness that characterizes life lived in loving community with God and others.

True righteousness is required of anyone who would be part of the eternal kingdom of God.

It's also, unlike civil righteousness unattainable by human effort or will power.

This latter righteousness is a gift of grace which God grants to those who trust in Jesus, God in the flesh.

To trust or to believe in Jesus is to seek, by God's power, to turn from our sin--our failure to love God or to love others--and follow Christ as our King and Savior.

Civic righteous is all about shame and coercion. It has its place in an imperfect world: Not all people live voluntarily in God's kingdom of love. That's why we need governments, armies, police forces, FDAs, EPAs, and taxing authorities.

The righteousness from God is conferred by grace on those who let Christ save them from sin, death, and hell in order to live in peace with God, others, and ourselves.

This righteousness gives the peace of God that passes all understanding for living today and the certainty of perfect life and peace in eternity with God.

The God we know in Christ is our peace (1 Corinthians 1:30).

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