Saturday, March 26, 2016

Holy Saturday

On the first Holy Saturday, Jesus' body lay in the tomb and the disciples grieved as they observed the sabbath.

Meanwhile, in the dominion of absolute evil, the realm of negation and nihilism, there was defeat. The evil one's ploy to take humanity and the universe eternally captive to sin, death, and himself, born of his resentments of God and humanity, had failed.

Christ had triumphed!

Jesus Christ, the sinless One, has borne human sin, taking our death sentence, making it possible for God to offer new life to those who turn from the old world of sin, even as they turn to the new creation that belongs to those who repent and trust in Christ.

Death, futility, and the evil one no longer have dominion over those who cast their sins and cares, their past, present, and future, on Jesus!

But on that first Holy Saturday, no one in this world knew all these things. No one knew that everything had changed.

So, some gloated, believing that they had ridded the world of Jesus. Some grieved. Most were indifferent. Sometimes God is acting and we don't see it.

But watch and trust!

God is in control, with an eternity of blessings He showers on those who trust Christ and His love, who proclaim Him and pray in His name.

When you feel overwhelmed by your sins or griefs, remember that in your soul, it may be Holy Saturday.

But for all who dare surrender to Jesus, Easter is coming! Trust in him and His victory will also be yours!

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