Friday, May 13, 2016

Mark Lane, JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theorist, Has Died


Lane was among the first of many people to follow who found it hard to accept that in 1963, a president couldn't be assassinated by a single crank with a rifle.

In this era of anger and gory violence as entertainment, such truth may be less difficult to swallow, though the necessity of sites like snopes and PolitiFact demonstrate that just because people have access to more information ever in history doesn't mean they don't find conspiracy theories alluring. For those who aren't picky about the truth, conspiracy theories offer convenient explanations of a messy, chaotic, and, yes, sinful world. But they're almost never true.

One reason for that is that conspiracies are difficult to sustain. Sooner or later, whether for money, or fame, or to avoid ridicule or even death, real conspiracies break down. Someone cracks. Clearly, Lee Harvey Oswald was JFK's killer and he acted alone.

[Blogger Mark Daniels is the pastor of Living Water Lutheran Church, Centerville, Ohio.]

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