Sunday, July 20, 2003

After today's worship celebration at Friendship Church during which I shared my challenge and hope that within the next eighteen months, a group of our members would undertake a mission trip to some spiritually or economically impoverished place, I had many interesting conversations.

One person told me, "Wherever we go, my bags are already packed. I want to go."

Another told me that just last Sunday, while visiting her mother's church in another state, she attended a presentation made by a group there who had just returned from a mission trip to Jamaica.

Another member said that a friend of his had just returned from such a trip to a reservation in South Dakota.

There seems to be a lot of excitement about the possibility of our sharing the love of Christ in this way...and that excites me as the pastor of this great congregation.

As the people of Friendship continue to be in prayer and conversation about this exciting possibility, I ask that friends of our congregation who read this web log join us in praying. I also urge you to consider "getting into the game" yourselves, looking into doing such a mission trip too!

God wants to use us to love this wonderful world into relationship with Jesus Christ! Nothing we can do in life is more important, exciting, or fun!

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