Saturday, September 09, 2006

Despite the facts...

Britons think their life is worse than twenty years ago. Are they the only ones?

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Charlie said...

This is an interesting story. I've noticed lately a lot of stories here in the US about how people are feeling less happy than a few years ago, feel less well-off financially, are less hopeful about the future, etc.

Some of this must be the fallout from fighting the war in Iraq. It's hard to be hopeful about the future when the country is at war.

Some of it, I'm convinced, is a response to the slant given to news stories, which are relentlessly negative about everything, not simply out of anti-Bush bias, though there is some of that, but because bad news makes good news stories.

And, I think 9/11 and the other terror plots that followed have created a shadow of pessimism over the West that may be out of proportion to the real threats and problems actual Americans face day to day.

So, bottom line, I think most of this feeling that we're worse off today than 5 years ago is in our heads. What do you think, Mark?