Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Hands off that second cookie, Jimmy! Think of the bulging Armenians!"

So writes Annie Gottlieb at Ambivablog at the conclusion of a post on the expanding worldwide pandemic of obesity.

(Yes, I meant the adjective in the preceding sentence to be a bad pun.)

And by the way, Gottlieb's post hit me below the belt (and above), because I read it while biting into a massive chocolate chip cookie as my luncheon topper. (In self-defense, I had already broken the cookie in two, resolving only to eat half of it! I have added incentive to keep that resolve now.)

Read all of Gottlieb's post.

Bucking this trend has been my God-blogging buddy, John Schroeder, who wrote briefly yesterday about resisting his cravings...and losing 200-pounds, thus becoming one svelte environmental consultant! (Can males be described as svelte? I hope so.)


John Schroeder said...

ON a serious note Mark, I am completely liberatarian in matters of weight. I was when I was huge and I am now that I've lost it.

I hate all the obesity "pandemic" crap. It's just an effort to tell me what to do on the most personal of levels. And to drive companies out-of-business.

Being huge is a problem, I know more than anyone, but few people are huge, they are a few pounds over. Society is full of "Costs" to obesity, if epople are willing to pay the higher insurance premiums and buy two airplane seats (I was) then so be it.

But this attempt to control people personal perogative is just awful.

Mark Daniels said...

Thanks, John, for your comments.