Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Sampling of 2006 Posts at Better Living

Last year, I went way overboard--which I tend to do--and published a series of "best of" posts listing a combination of my personally favorite posts and those that received the most hits in 2005. For each month, I listed between five to ten different posts!

This year, ripping off an idea from Ann Althouse, I pick one post from each month of the year, chosen solely because I like it. (Except for two months, for each of which I name a bonus post.)

January: Barry and I Were Right

February: Valentine's Day Thoughts

March: My Battle with Cliff Clavin Disease

April: What About 'The Gospel of Judas'?

May: The Connection That Brings Life

June: If TR Were Alive Today, He'd Be Blogging

July: Interpreting Lincoln's Second Inaugural Sermon
July Bonus: What's To Be Done When You're Not Into It?

August: The Lebanese War Subjected to an Armchair Historian's Analysis

September: David and the Well at Bethlehem

October: Why It's 'Reformation Sunday'
October Bonus: I Was Wrong

November: How to Overcome Worry

(Maybe I'll pick one for December in January.)

[UPDATE: Ali at Aliblog links to this post and goes on to list a post from her blog for each month of last year. I enjoy reading Ali's writing. My wife and I enjoyed meeting her parents and brother at a wedding celebration in northwest Ohio this past year!]

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