Saturday, January 06, 2007

"Who is going to turn on the LIGHT?'

My friend, mentor, and colleague, Ron Claussen, has some good thoughts on Epiphany on the blog section of his web site. A sampling:
On that first Epiphany, the LIGHT of the Star led these Gentiles to be filled with LIGHT at the manger so that they could reveal that LIGHT to the Gentile world, a world that was lost in darkness and sin. Look at our world. Don’t wear blinders, don’t try to hide from the fact that we live in a world of darkness, of sin, of depression and loneliness, a world where it is so much fun and so easy to serve Satan. I believe that right now, on this Epiphany or on whatever day you read this, our Heavenly Father is asking, Who is going to turn on the LIGHT?"
Read the whole thing.

[For more about Ron, read here.]

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