Monday, January 01, 2007

All About the 'Get a Mac' Guys

Several years ago, we bought a Mac.

It happened because a friend of ours, an Apple enthusiast and a then-recently hired part-timer at the local Apple store, had been lobbying us to come over to the Mac side for a long time. He'd watched us struggle through one PC after another for several years and wondered why we kept putting ourselves through a constant succession of crashes, viruses, and easily-gobbled-up memory.

As I thought about it, I wondered why we kept hanging around in PC World, too.

So, we took the plunge and bought a modestly-priced Mac. I couldn't believe the difference! The Mac is incredibly user-friendly, packed with possibilities, loaded with more than sufficient memory, and thus far, insusceptible to viruses. I'll never buy a PC again!

Because I'm such a "true believer," I love the 'Get a Mac' ads featuring a Bill Gates-looking character known as the PC Guy and a jeans-wearing twenty-something who presents himself as Mac.

But who, I asked this morning, are the guys behind the guys?

As usual, Wikipedia had my answer. Mac is actor Justin Long, who has appeared in the TV series, Ed, and in the movie, Dodgeball. He's also set to play in a Die Hard movie, where he'll play a hacker.

PC is a really interesting fellow, a writer, a poet, and a humorist, sort of a next-generation Garrison Keillor, only hipper, with a liberal dash of Professor Irwin Corey thrown in. What's really cool is that he's also a blogger. His name is John Hodgman, author of The Areas of My Expertise.

An actor and a funny Renaissance man...and I'll bet they both were already using Apples before they got the 'Get a Mac' gig, making them both considerably smarter than me, though I'm learning.

[BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Below see the cheesy promotional video for John Hodgman's book...]

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