Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's too bad...

Humphrey Bogart never played Henry Hudson in film. Bogart's Caine Mutiny* captain, wronged by his crew, had a lot in common with Hudson:
In 1610 Hudson set off in the Discovery on another journey for the East Indies, this time determined on making it through the Northwest Passage. He and his men sailed through the body of water now named Hudson Strait and then into Hudson Bay, where they sailed as far south as they could and spent a brutal winter trapped by ice in modern-day James Bay. When the ice finally thawed in June 1611, Hudson’s crew mutinied. The rebels believed that they had to get rid of Hudson because his command of the Discovery put the entire expedition at risk. His crime? According to the most detailed surviving report, Hudson had insisted on distributing scanty food supplies among all the crew, even those who had become ill or injured and hence were less likely to survive. The mutineers also claimed that their captain had hidden rations for his favorites. For these infractions the mutineers put Hudson, his seventeen-year old son, and seven others loyal to the captain on a small boat (known as a shallop) and set them adrift. No one reported seeing them again.
From one of two interesting pieces on Hudson on the History News Network web site. Here's a link to the other.

*The Caine Mutiny was originally a novel by Herman Wouk.

Henry Hudson didn't look a lot like Humphrey Bogart, it should be said. But then, Henry Fonda didn't look like Abraham Lincoln either.

I don't know if Hudsom had a particular fondness for strawberries.

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